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  • Corporate Solutions

    Corporate Solutions

    Helping your employees get rid of the burden of debt.

  • Corporate Solutions

    Corporate Solutions

    Helping your employees get rid of the burden of debt.

Are your employees financially distressed?

Research has shown that many employees are now taking the opportunity of low interest rates to try and pay off as much of their debts as possible. Further interest rate cuts and income tax relief would relatively ease the severity of problem of financial distress. An employee with personal financial problems very often is living from pay check by pay check, with numerous micro loans and accounts in arrears.

Effects of debt burden on employees

Employees burdened by personal financial problem will most likely:

  • Spend time at their place of work worrying about personal finances and dealing with financial issues instead of working.
  • Get distracted by taking calls from creditors and/or lenders and paying personal bills.
  • Talk to co-workers about their financial problems and absenteeism at work.

Benefits of Corporate Debt Counselling

One of the benefits of offering a Corporate Debt Counselling program is to show employees that the organisation does care about their staff members, which improves morale and boosts motivation. The stress that individuals face when in debts results in low self-confidence and productivity.

Ways of helping employees

Organisations can make it a lifetime responsibility to protect themselves, as well as their employees against this problem by:

  • Investing in programs to help minimise employee debt, which include providing easy and quality workplace financial education.
  • Allocating up to one hour of working time per month for employees to manage their finances, etc.

Employers need to take steps to curb the severity of their staff’s personal debt problems and its consequences to their companies.

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