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NCR Debt Counsellors are defined in terms of the National Credit Act regulations as natural persons who are registered by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) in terms of section 44 of the Act offering a service of debt counselling.

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced debt counselling as a debt relief measure for over-indebted consumers. This is a statutory process which is only conducted by registered NCR Debt Counsellors. NCR Debt Counsellors are responsible for assisting over-indebted individuals through the debt counselling or debt view process that is detailed in Section 86.

NCR Debt Counsellors are envisaged by the Act as persons who are registered by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and meets minimum requirements stipulated in the Act. NCR Debt Counsellors must satisfy any prescribed education (Grade 12 certificate and successful completion of debt counselling course approved by the NCR), experience or competency requirements ( 2 years working experience). 

An individual may not offer or engage in debt counselling services unless registered as stipulated under Section 44 (2) of the NCA. Debt Sage boasts of highly trained and educated NCR debt counsellors who have been in the debt counselling industry since its inception. Our dedicated team of highly trained and educated NCR debt counsellors and consultants are passionate about helping consumers become debf free.

 NCR Debt Counsellors are expected to exercise their function independently. You can rest be assured that our debt counselling service is confidential, professional and of the highest quality. It is this experience, coupled with our dedication to giving you a compassionate, complete and competent service that sets us apart.

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