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How It Works

GETTING STARTED WITH the DEBT COUnselling process 

Get the facts here of what to expect.

The debt counselling process we have seen explained so far describes the interaction between debt counsellor and credit provider. Here we explore what the debt counselling process entails from a  consumer and debt counsellor perspective. What is it that is expected of a consumer to kick start the debt counselling process?  

Here’s what to expect during a debt counselling session

The debt review consultation over the phone takes 10 -15 minutes. Have your household budget readily available and, identity documents.

The conversation with our accredited debt counsellors can take place over the phone, email and face to face debt counselling sessions. However,  due to Covid-19 we are limiting face to face debt counselling sessions. 

Regardless of the format of your session, here’s what you can expect.

We can help

During the debt counselling process, we can help with the following:


1. Late payment fees are removed.


2. Stop collection calls.

3. Lower interest rates irregardless of credit score.


4. Consolidate your debt into one smaller monthly payment.

5. Paying off your debt faster.

6. Improve your money habits.

getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


First, you will share some basic information that lets your debt counsellor get to know you better.


Next, you and your debt counsellor will review your financial situation and a new repayment plan is made and sent to creditors.


You will complete the debt review session with an actionable plan to conquer your debt and a more manageable monthly repayment plan!

what your debt counsellor may ask

During your debt counselling session, a counsellor will go over your current financial circumstances. To get a clear understanding  your debt counsellor will ask questions like these below:

  • What is your household income? 
  • What are your monthly expenses?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • What outstanding debts do you have?


After covering income and expenses, the debt counsellor will review your credit report and will discuss the options available to you based on your income, expenses and the amount of debt that you have.  The discussion will be extended to how much you are able to pay every month towards your debt. That is a single amount that pays all your debt every month after taking into consideration your household budget.

Items you should have with

As part of the debt counselling process, you are expected to have with you the following. However, if you don't have any of the items listed below do not be dismayed.

  • List of your current expenses. This should include housing, food, utilities, and phone bills, loans, credit cards, anything you pay for regularly, and bills that may be late.
  • Recent payslips for you and/or your spouse, so you are able to provide information about your monthly household income.
  • Recent statements for accounts that you have open with credit providers are helpful so you can provide minimum payment information, due dates, etc. ( If you don't have these it's still okay as we get these during the debt counselling process when we communicate with credit providers).


You can expect your debt counsellor to do the following as part of the debt counselling process:

  • provide budgeting tips and advice (ongoing)
  • creates a new debt repayment plan
  • gives advice about attorneys and  Payment Distribution Agent (PDA)
  • negotiates with your credit providers
  • loads your new repayment plan onto the PDA system
  • helps to draft your court papers
  • monitors and adjusts your plan as per court order
  • sends copies of the court order to your credit providers
  • asks credit providers to adjust and correct balances
  • gives ongoing advice about budgeting and financial emergencies
  • periodically reviews your budget and plan to see if it can speed up
  • helps check balances and accounts are paid up
  • issues you with a clearance certificate when you have paid up all your debts

In addition to that, we have debt counsellors that are registered and certified by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), so you are assured that our debt counselling process is professional and of the highest quality.

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