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  • Debt Counselling

    Debt Counselling

    Debt counselling is your right to a financial fresh start.

  • Debt Counselling

    Debt Counselling

    Debt counselling is your right to a financial fresh start.

Debt Counselling

Find out more about how debt counselling works and which debts you can use it for. Then have a one on one free consultation with one of our debt counsellors about how debt counselling is the best way to pay off or clear your debt.

Debt counselling is a formal legal debt relief measure that was introduced to assist over-indebted consumers through the debt review or debt counselling process in terms of Section 86 of the National Credit Act (NCA) 34 of 2005. Debt counselling was introduced to assist consumers with high debt levels to resolve their debt problems. This is largely because the average household debt to disposable income ratio in South Africa is about 72%, which is amongst the highest in the world. This means that, on average, 72% of the monthly take-home pay that South African households earn goes towards paying debt.

what is the purpose of Debt Counselling?

  • To assist over-indebted consumers. A consumer is over-indebted if they cannot afford to meet all their monthly debt commitments.
  • To identify and profile cases of reckless lending with the aim to get the cases suspended.

Debt counselling has benefits which include protecting a consumer's assets from repossession and unlocking cash to meet living expenses. The National Credit Act provides for consumers to go through debt counselling first before filing for other debt relief solutions such as debt administration and insolvency. 



Connect with our accredited Debt Counsellors 


Complete our free debt assessment and receive a free credit report in a few minutes


You will be placed under debt review and a repayment plan is negotiated with credit providers


Your repayment plan is made an order of the court until your credit record is clean 

At the end of the debt counselling session, you will feel good knowing that there are options available and that you are not alone. To learn more about the debt counselling process click here.

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