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DEBT Management

Debt Sage offers debt management services to South Africans who are struggling to meet their monthly debt commitments. Our accredited debt advisers will help you work out an affordable, realistic monthly budget and draw up a debt management plan and talk to your creditors on your behalf.

Our debt management plan ensures that all the money you pay into it goes towards paying off your debts and allows you to pay off your debts at a rate you can afford. You make one monthly payment to the Payments Distribution Agency who then pays your creditors for you.


How do you know when to apply for debt management?

The people that let their debts build up before they seek help often find:

  • their cards are maxed out;
  • no one else will lend to them;
  • things have spiralled out of control, and
  • it takes much longer to pay back what they owe.

Which debts can I pay off with a Debt Management Plan?

You can only use a debt management plan to pay the following debts:

  • overdrafts;
  • personal loans;
  • building loans;
  • credit cards;
  • store card debts;
  • payday loans;
  • home loans.

Which debts can’t I pay off with a Debt Management Plan?

You can’t use a debt management plan to pay the following debts:

  • court fines;
  • TV Licence;
  • electricity bills;
  • child support and maintenance;
  • SARS income tax debt;
  • rent.

There are benefits of talking to our debt advisers before you decide to take out a debt management plan. These include giving advice about better ways of managing your money and suggesting ways of dealing with debts that you might not know about.

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