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  • Corporate Solutions

    Corporate Solutions

    Helping your employees get rid of the burden of debt.

  • Corporate Solutions

    Corporate Solutions

    Helping your employees get rid of the burden of debt.

Debt Solutions For Your Employees

Could employee distress over personal financial issues be affecting productivity in your workplace?

The productivity losses and costs associated with employees’ financial stresses are reaching levels where a business case can be made for companies to bring debt solutions for their employees in the workplace.

If you are still not sure, try listening to what your employees are talking about around tea and lunch breaks.

The following types of stories are a sign that financial stressors are affecting your employees and in turn your business:

  • changes in family income
  • the need to support a parent, child or another person
  • unscrupulous or fraudulent schemes
  • birth of a child
  • death of a spouse
  • illness and disability
  • accidents
  • major unexpected bills
  • divorce and lawsuits
  • debt and debt recovery agents
  • creditor calls and collection agents

Implementing A financial health strategy for your employees

The solution to this challenge is more than just education. Financial education efforts need to be coupled with products and services that encourage behavior change and can improve consumer financial health outcomes. The aim is to provide employees with knowledge and access to financial products, which help them “get out of debt, spend, save, and plan.”

Once a company has acknowledged the significance of employee financial health and has buy-in from across the business, it’s important to understand the specific needs of its employees by talking to them about their challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to financial health.

There’s plenty of workplace programs, products, apps and services available today, which companies can adopt to help employees get out of debt, save for emergencies, as well as plan for long-term needs. A common misconception is that financial health is synonymous with income level. Income alone does not say anything about regularity of income, debt burden, or planning and savings habits.                                                                       

7 Steps to an effective financial health strategy FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES 

  • Understand the opportunity to improve employee financial health strategy.
  • Align your company in support of employee financial health.
  • Talk to your employees about their financial needs.
  • Identify and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Drive engagement.
  • Measure success.
  • Commit to continual improvement.


Benefits of Debt Counselling for Employees and Employers

For Employees For Employers

 Stops collection calls at workplace

Helps reduce employee absenteeism 

Improved well being due to less financial distress

Increased employee engagement/morale
Improves money habits 

Improves productivity as employees do not take time during working hours to deal with debt

Improves cashflow to meet all household expenses Alleviates demand for pay day advances

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