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Debt Sage debt counsellors are helping consumers in Pretoria who are struggling to service their debt. Debt Sage is a leading debt counselling firm. We take applications across South Africa. If you own a property and motor vehicle, you do not have to wait until you lose your assets to take action. At the first sign of trouble, call Debt Sage debt counsellors to seek help.

Burying your head in the sand will not help the situation. Many consumers wait until it is too late. If you have received summons, it becomes difficult for the debt counsellor to take remedial action.

Debt Counselling allows the debt counsellor to approach the credit providers on the consumer’s behalf and renegotiate all the credit agreements to levels that the consumer can afford. Property and motor vehicles can be protected from repossession once the consumer acknowledges that they are in trouble and seek help from Debt Sage. It is important not to ignore any letters from the credit providers.

Our Debt Counsellors will do the following in-order to assist you:

We first have to do a free financial health check. We offer free advice so that you make the right financial decisions.

  • This allows us to assess the level of indebtedness and come up with a list of all debt commitments. Usually the information on the credit report sometimes is not up to date. So when we submit your application, credit providers will issue certificate of balances with the latest account information.
  • We will then proceed to evaluate whether you are over indebted or not after compiling a practical household budget. If your income is lower than list of debt commitments and household budget, then one is over-indebted.

As soon as the application is lodged the consumer’s assets are protected from repossession. Credit providers are then forced to stop any collection activity. So you do not have to lose your assets.

If you live in Pretoria and find that you are struggling with debt and you feel the situation is out of control, your accounts are 2-3 months’ arrears and could risk losing your assets, please contact Debt Sage today and speak to one of our friendly consultants. The consultants are well trained and will explain the process and guide you through each and every step of the process.

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