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Debt counsellors are defined as natural persons who are registered by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), in terms of section 44 of the National Credit Act (NCA), offering a service of debt counselling. This is a statutory process that is only conducted by registered debt counsellors. The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced debt counselling as a formal legal debt relief measure with the main aim of assisting over-indebted consumers who are struggling to pay their monthly debt commitments.

Debt counsellors are envisaged by the Act as persons who are registered by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and meet the minimum requirements stipulated in the Act.  Debt Counsellors are responsible for assisting over-indebted individuals through the debt review process. As detailed in Section 86, by conducting an assessment concerning the over-indebtedness of a consumer and to attempt to create a restructuring proposal acceptable to all the credit providers and to make recommendations to the Magistrates’ Court on how the individual can be helped.

There are a number of things that Debt Counsellors must consider when the consumer applies for Debt Counselling which includes marital status, joint bond and eligibility to apply for debt review. Our Debt Counsellors review cases on a case by case basis and see how they can help. We will include home loans, vehicle finance, credit cards, store cards, overdrafts, personal loans and micro-loans except for doctors’ fees, insurance premiums. This is to say that all the accounts for which the consumer initially signed a credit agreement and received credit. School fees, levies, tv licence debt or municipal levies, hospital fees doctors’ fees are excluded from Debt Review as initially no credit was extended by the service providers.

Our Debt Counsellors offer free financial advice and financial health checks so that one can make the right financial decision. If you have fallen behind on your monthly debt repayments and cannot afford your monthly debt repayments, our Debt Counsellors at Debt Sage can assist you.

Debt Sage boasts of highly trained Debt Counsellors. Our dedicated team of highly trained and educated Debt Counsellors and Advisers are passionate about helping consumers become debt-free. You can rest be assured that our debt counselling service is confidential, professional and of the highest quality. It is this experience, coupled with our dedication to giving you a compassionate, complete and competent service that sets our Debt Counsellors apart.



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