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I want to thank Lynn at Debt Sage for helping me on my journey to become debt free. I was left deep in debt because of divorce. My ex-husband did not pay off the debts we had accumulated together after the divorce settlement as he was supposed to. I had to pay for the bond as well as look after my children. This was very difficult for me since the maintenance payout was not being paid at all. Not only was the journey challenging but Lynn from Debt Sage’s hands on approach was invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of handling things that truly connected with me. I can’t speak highly enough of Debt Sage.
Marianne:Eastern Cape

We were looking for an affordable debt solution to our situation when my spouse lost his income and Debt Sage more than delivered. They managed to explain to us the debt review process and what requirements they needed to get the process started. They took the time to understand who we are as a household and gave us a few amazing ways to manage our finances even though we thought we had no spare money. We saw an immediate change in our financial situation as we were able to meet all our household expenses that month end! We wholeheartedly recommend Debt Sage to everyone we know. My wife and l cannot thank you enough.
Moeketsi: Western Cape

I made a lot of mistakes when started out in my first job. I took out several loans and credit card debt to furnish the flat that l was renting and buying things that l should have bought with cash. When l approached Debt Sage they never judged me or made me feel bad about my situation. Instead, they gave me a number of ways to cut back on my household expenses and my financial situation has improved tremendously. Debt review provided by Debt Sage has meant that l learn to pay cash for groceries, clothing, and entertainment and spending less.
Simphiwe, Gauteng

I had applied for debt review in 2015 and in early February l received an email with the debt review clearance certificate advising that l had been cleared from debt review. I was able to buy a new car within 3 weeks of that. Thanks to Mashudu for the great work she did for me.
Mr Ndou, Limpopo

My business was struggling and could not meet my debt commitments every month. What made me furious was the fact that l was paying credit insurance for the loans that I had taken. I was given 400 reasons of why they could not pay off the loans as l was self-employed. I wondered why this credit provider made me pay for credit insurance in the first place. Debt Sage fought for me tooth and nail and l was able to be reimbursed all the payments that l had made for credit insurance.
Avesh, KZN

My home loan was 7 months behind and l had receive summons. When l made contact with Debt Sage it was a hopeless situation. However, they asked for a copy of the summons and somehow they analyzed the summons and miraculously there was still a chance for me to apply for debt review and save my house which is what l ended up doing. I had tried other debt counselling firms earlier but they could not take my case and they repeatedly told me that there was nothing they could do since summons had been served. Thank you Debt Sage for caring even in a desperate situation. I highly recommend Debt Sage as they are always happy to talk to you, however big or small your problem might be.
Adriaan, North West

Debt was crushing me, physically and emotionally. My first step in getting out of debt was turning to Debt Sage. I stayed the course despite the challenges that popped up over the three and one-half years I was on debt review, paying off almost R600 000. Now I am saving to buy my own home.
Thandeka, Gauteng

Mashudu has helped me save money with their debt review program and improve my credit score. Their employees are amazing and I am forever grateful.
Nosipho,Western Cape

I talked to several debt review companies who made me feel like a statistic, not a human being. Debt Sage was interested in me! Not just my debt and the money they would make from my misfortune. That made me feel safe, encouraged, and respected
Frederick, Western Cape

I got the discipline to create a debt review plan that has me seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. More importantly, I’m now confident I can come out of this. Thanks, Debt Sage
Zelda, North West

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