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Debt Sage is working with many consumers in Port Elizabeth. If you live in Port Elizabeth and you are struggling to service your debt, Debt Sage can assist you to successfully become debt free without taking out another loan by applying for debt review or debt counselling in Port Elizabeth.

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced debt counselling as a formal debt relief measure whereby a debt counsellor determines whether a consumer is or unable to satisfy in a timely manner all the obligations under all the credit agreements to which the consumer is a party.

One of the purposes of the Act is to promote responsible credit granting and avoid over-indebtedness. The Act also discourages reckless lending by credit providers and contractual defaults by consumers. However, many people are unaware of their consumer rights and how the Act protects them.

Regrettably, due to ignorance many people are still losing their homes, cars, furniture and other hard-earned valuables.

If you live in Port Elizabeth and you are experiencing debt problems, debt counselling services from Debt Sage could be what you need to improve your daily cash flow needs. Debt Sage is a leading debt counselling firm with many years of experience in the debt counselling industry.

Contact Debt Sage, the debt counselling experts today. We will together review your case and see how we can help you. We offer free financial advice and health checks so that one can make the right financial decision. We are able to help you consolidate your debts into one easy monthly payment that will simplify your financial life.

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